Clubland Status :
Club Guru
Birthplace :
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Hometown :
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bio :

Peter Gatien is certainly Toronto’s most “headline” club owner, and perhaps the most infamous in North America. Gatien parlayed a $17,000 settlement - pocketed after losing his left eye to a hockey accident at age 17 - into one of the most dynamic club empires ever conceived. Striking out from his native Cornwall, Ont. home in 1976, he opened and closed several clubs in the U.S. south before founding Manhattan’s Limelight in 1983.

The Limelight boasted a “post-disco decadence”, attracting a colourful crowd of Techno Goth and Industrial sound enthusiasts. It was also a haven for drugs. New York police and then mayor Rudy Guliani tried to link Gatien to the narcotics trade running wild in Limelight. Gatien was cleared of all charges but couldn’t escape an arrest for failing to pay $1.88 million in back taxes.

Deported to Canada in 2003, Gatien took it slow for several years before several investors convinced him to work his magic on a new club, Circa. After $6.3 million in renovations, the 53,000 sq. ft. multi-level nightclub was set for its grand opening in the heart of Clubland in 2007.

Circa became a huge hit in its first year. But Gatien will not be around to ensure any future success – he was summarily given the boot by his owner/partners in early 2009. His status: unknown.