Clubland Status :
Veteran Doorman
Birthplace :
Odessa, Ukraine
Hometown :
Campbellcroft, Ontario, Canada
Bio :

Boris has only recently returned to the front lines of Clubland. He took a short break working his farm north of Toronto, before finally being drawn back to what has been an action-packed career. He has spent over 25 years fronting some of the top clubs in the U.S. and Canada working the club scene in Manhattan’s Chelsea district in the early 1980s. It was a wild era dominated by a heavy drug scene and its close allies, violence and corruption.

So, if anyone’s seen it all, it’s Boris. His scars and broken bones have given a sixth sense for troublemakers, fast talkers and under aged wannabes.  He prides himself on spotting under-age or “over-served” clubbers from a good mile away. “You see it in their eyes, nervous, shifty or over-confident” he shrugs. “Simple as that.”

As for giving kids the boot from the clubs he adorns with his 6’5” frame topped with a bad-boy-black cowboy hat: “You give ‘em a chance to leave peaceably,” he says. “You try to be diplomatic ... then if all else fails, and they get physical, then it’s time to reluctantly employ a little muscle. The clubbers are here for a good time, not the wrong time.”