Clubland Status :
Toronto City Councilor
Trinity-Spadina, Ward 20
Birthplace :
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown :
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bio :

Adam Vaughan is a local resident and city councilor of the King-Spadina community where Clubland lies. Councilor Vaughan is spearheading the drive to gentrify the area. His plan is simple: make it as uncomfortable (and unprofitable) as possible for clubs that shirk the rules. He’s working closely with the KSRA to close down the “bad” clubs and to create a new balance of economic interests in the district.

This means paring down the clubs to a lucky few, and re-inventing the entire area with condos, boutique hotels and other cultural institutions that do not rely on displaying and presenting their “art” with half-gallon shots of Jagermeister and eardrum-shattering techno-beats.

Vaughan and friends have been more than successful in the past few years. 90 clubs have shrunk to about 50, the cops are enforcing noise bylaws with a vengeance; and a lot of club owners are starting to look elsewhere to sell their wares. With all their efforts the Entertainment District is now on it’s way to becoming a more balanced community.