World Premier - May 1st, 2009
The Royal Theater
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Clubland is a candid nocturnal romp through Toronto’s groundbreaking Entertainment District.  But Clubland is more than a place its an experience, a scene an attitude -and the centre of the universe for a generation.  This documentary will take us on a VIP tour beyond the long line-ups and velvet ropes.  We hang with clubbers as they take-in the party scene at some of the hottest nightspots in the world.  We spend the night with many of the District’s key movers and shakers....the savvy clubowners and expert promoters who have been so instrumental in Clubland’s rise to a level of success few could have imagined - and of course the cops who try to control this testosterone and alcohol highball. 

Toronto’s Clubland has become the most congested entertainment districts in North America. Yet many are not thrilled with the idea of cramming 50,000 fun-seekers into an area 1.5 sq. kilometers in size.  Politicians, police and condo dwellers prepare themselves each weekend for the inevitable onslaught of partiers.        Developers have hundreds of millions invested into the area, clubowners millions, and the new residents...their life savings. The city’s old “Garment District” has gone from sweatshops to sweat boxes in a generation and now repeatedly makes the headlines asking the same question.... What’s to be done?  For the clubblers their only question is “Where’s the party tonight”  This is Clubland.